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Bi-Folding Doors


Bi-folding doors will enhance your living space all day long....

 Crystal Clears stylish bi-folding doors add a contemporary atmosphere to many locations in your home while providing the highest level of security, excellent weather protection and effortless operation. Our stunning bi-folding doors create a talking point in any home. They fully open, by discretely folding to the sides, to allow you unrestricted access to the great outdoors. Even when closed, the glass wall effect created by our bi-folding doors enables lots of light into your home and allows you to get maximum pleasure from your garden whatever the weather. State-of-the-art hardware ensures these doors provide maximum security while remaining light and easy to operate. 

Bi-fold doors can be used in many different ways and places...

 French Doors revolutionised the door market and still to this day remain a popular favourite, but the invention of Bi-Folding Doors created a similar stir to become a viable alternative. The entire framework of the Bi-Folds can be uniform in colour including the window framed and roof bars to fashion a glorious overall effect. Utilisation of Bi-Folding Doors in a conservatory will be equally spectacular. 

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